Bonds, Surety & Financial Protection


With over 15 years of experience in the highly specialist and ever-changing Travel Industry we are experts in broking and placing all types and sizes of Travel Industry Bonds including ATOL, IATA, ABTA and Airline Bonds.

This is a complex and fluid market where legislation changes can have dramatic impact on your insurances. As an example, the current proposed changes within ATOL protection reform

We continue to work closely with of our clients, relevant Trade Associations and the insurance market and are recognised as one of the UK’s leading Insurance Brokers in this field.

Our expertise and knowledge of the ever-changing market will enable us to obtain a very competitive quotation on your behalf.

We offer a comprehensive range of products including travel bonds, tour organisers liability insurance, office combined insurance, and scheduled airline failure insurance.

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Construction, Performance, Customs and other Bonds

In recent years we have leveraged our close working relationships with the UK’s leading bond and surety underwriters to widen our offer on this highly specialist area of insurance cover.

By utilising our excellent underwriting contacts we have built up a portfolio of additional bonds and sureties, which have widened our involvement in this insurance sector. Much of this market is based around the relationships brokers forge with underwriters. We have unrivalled contacts with leading underwriters, which in turn delivers unrivalled insurance rates for our clients including the following products

Performance Bonds and Contract Performance Bonds,
Retention bonds,
Road and Sewer Bonds,
Advance/ Stage Payment Bonds,
Duty Deferrement/Customs Bonds,
Rural Payment Agency Guarantees

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